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Contractor License Application

The District requires Contractors to be licensed, bonded and insured with the District prior to construction or repair to a water/sewer service line or a public water/sewer main line. Complete theapplication along with Proof of Competency Certificate of Insurance$10,000 Surety BondCertificate of Workers Compensation and a $100.00 License fee. The annual renewal fee is $50.00.These items are listed on page two of the application below. Please note that we do not accept credit cards.

General Contractor License Application 

The District also requires an inspection of the repaired service line prior to closure of any excavated area.

For inspection, please contact: Wade Wheatlake

Please give as much notice as possible (48 hours advance notice) in scheduling your inspection. If for some reason the scheduled time is going to change, please notify Mr. Wheatlake as soon as possible to avoid any additional trips to the address for the inspection. The initial inspection during business hours is at no charge, any additional trips will be billed to the Contractor at the inspector's hourly rate.